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Press Release: ALCAN and AGC collaborate to develop a transparent antenna for mmWave 5G Fixed Wireless Access

Patented Liquid Crystal technology has been used to develop a concealed solution to the challenges of delivering mmWave 5G indoors Darmstadt, Germany, 29th March 2022, Smart antenna start-up, ALCAN Systems and AGC Inc.(AGC), a world leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals … Read More

Press Release: ALCAN Systems addresses mmWave 5G roll-out challenges with Liquid Crystal smart antennas

Darmstadt, Germany, 14 February 2022, Smart antenna start-up, ALCAN Systems, today announces its unique Liquid Crystal based technology is able to be integrated into a range of telecom antenna solutions to overcome the stumbling blocks of mmWave deployments. After 14 … Read More

Press Release: ALCAN Successfully Demonstrates Satellite-based Internet Connectivity with LC Phased Array Antenna

ALCAN Systems, a smart antenna startup from Darmstadt, announces the successful demonstration of satellite-based internet connectivity with its liquid crystal-based phased array antenna. ALCAN gave a series of remote demonstrations last week to partners in which ALCAN acquired and maintained … Read More

Press Release: ALCAN announces electronic beam steering ground antenna for LEO and MEO satellite service use at a low price of EUR 1,500

ALCAN Systems, a smart antenna startup from Germany, announces today the start of its product development program to produce a fixed ground terminal with an electronically steerable flat-panel antenna for Low Earth orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite … Read More

Press Release: ALCAN Systems, the smart antenna company, announces today the successful testing of its Ka-band liquid crystal phased array antenna with a LEO satellite

ALCAN announces today that it has successfully tracked the Ka band signal of a LEO satellite during one of its regular flights over Germany. ALCAN’s liquid crystal based phased array antenna was able to continuously track the satellite on a … Read More

Press Release: ALCAN successfully completes world’s first liquid crystal based phased array antenna field test for satellite communication

ALCAN Systems, a smart-antenna start-up from Darmstadt, Germany announces today the successful test of a Ku Band liquid crystal (LC) phased array antenna. This is a world first and represents an important achievement in ALCAN’s drive to develop a phased array antenna for … Read More

Press Release: SES and ALCAN, a German Smart Antenna Company, are working together to develop a new Flat Panel Antenna for SES’s O3b mPOWER system

ALCAN has reached an important milestone in developing a new Flat Panel Antenna for O3b mPOWER Customer Edge Terminals using ALCAN’s revolutionary new technology based on Liquid Crystal (LC) enabled phased array antennas. 8 March 2018 ALCAN Systems GmbH, the … Read More

Press Release: ALCAN, a German Smart Antenna Start-up, Raises EUR 7.5 million to Manufacture Flat Panel Phased Array Antennas

A consortium of leading global corporations has invested in ALCAN’s market-leading smart antenna technology to support the roll-out of the company’s first flat panel phased array antennas. ALCAN Systems GmbH, a smart antenna company, announced that it has raised EUR … Read More