Press Release: ALCAN Systems, the smart antenna company, announces today the successful testing of its Ka-band liquid crystal phased array antenna with a LEO satellite

ALCAN announces today that it has successfully tracked the Ka band signal of a LEO satellite during one of its regular flights over Germany. ALCAN’s liquid crystal based phased array antenna was able to continuously track the satellite on a 2-dimensional scan arc of -50 to +50 degrees. The satellite had a flyover time of 5 minutes and the gain values throughout were close to the theoretical values expected.

With this press release ALCAN is providing a short video (LINK) that shows the continuous tracking process and its performance over time. The antenna was physically blocked twice to show the authenticity of the signal.

CTO Ahmed Akgiray said: “We are very happy to show the world that ALCAN is capable to provide a working solution for the upcoming LEO satellite constellations. We are thanking all the engineers who made this possible and look forward to present our first ready to deploy products in 2021.”

CEO Onur Karabey said: “We are working towards our promise of providing the lowest cost lowest power dual-beam phased array ground terminals for MEO and LEO constellations. Todays achievement marks another important milestone on this path.”

About ALCAN Systems

ALCAN Systems is a German-based smart antenna technology company which has developed the revolutionary new liquid crystal (LC) enabled phased array technology. The technology is based on the work of ALCAN co-Founder and CEO Dr. Onur Karabey who proved the viability of LC based phased array antennas in 2011. The company initially received seed funding of EUR 850,000 from the EXIST Transfer of Research Program of German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in 2014 to commercialise the research and accelerate the development of a working prototype.   ALCAN raised a further EUR 10.5 million Series A investemnt in 2017 from a consortium of leading global companies and is now focused on bringing its first product to market in 2021.

For more information, please contact Esat Sibay, COO / CFO at ALCAN Systems, E-mail: in**@al**********.com