ALCAN's Satellite antenna ground terminals

Enabling simple satellite connectivity

Space satellite orbiting the earth

The Challenge

New, non-geostationary satellite constellations will enable larger amounts of data and faster transmission speeds in the coming years. These satellite constellations will not only allow faster and more reliable data connections during travel by land, sea or air, they will also be an alternative to the cable-based Internet and will greatly increase connectivity worldwide. In order to exploit the potential of new satellite technologies, powerful, cost-effective antennas are required that can be used worldwide with low maintenance requirements.

ALCAN’s Solution

ALCAN is developing a technologically revolutionary, cost-effective smart antenna that is thin, flat and lightweight without the need for mechanically moving parts. This allows ALCAN’s antenna to be easily integrated into flat and curved surfaces such as car roofs. The antenna’s main beam direction can be aligned fully electronically (without mechanical movement) continuously and directly to the satellite. Thus, a stable and powerful connection can be guaranteed even if the relative position of the antenna to the satellite is constantly changing.

Our First Product

ALCAN announced that the first product will be released for the enterprise markets. To find out more about the product check the press release and the enterprise market page.

ALCAN’s Satellite Terminals

Enterprise Terminal

Enterprise-class connectivity made simple
Enterprise-class connectivity for trunking & cellular Backhaul, mission-critical enterprises and energy & mining.
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Status: Product Announced

Consumer Broadband Terminal

Enabling broadband internet all around the globe
High-performance connectivity for everyone, all around the globe.
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Status: In Development

Mobility Terminal

Connecting customers in motion
High-speed satellite connectivity in every situation. Land, Maritime and Aero.
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Status: In Development


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