Satellite Antenna Terminals

ALCAN Systems unleashes the potential of satellite technology—including new MEO and LEO satellites—for underserved markets, from current needs to future 5G deployment.

Finally there is a high performance flat panel antenna for the mobility market at an affordable price point. ALCAN’s antennas are manufactured on a liquid crystal display assembly line, yielding greatly reduced production costs. Unlike many other mobility antenna solutions, ALCAN antennas have no moving parts so there is almost no maintenance required. As the antennas are based on proven phased-array technology, performances up to 1Gbps are possible.  ALCAN antennas also use less power and are simple to install, creating the perfect solution for mobility customers anywhere:

  • Land
  • Maritime
  • Aero

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Enterprise customers require high availability connectivity for their most mission-critical needs, but also a solution that is future-proof for connectivity technologies of the future. ALCAN antennas enable the high-throughput capabilities enterprises need both today and tomorrow, while requiring a very small footprint and very low power for a breadth of customer markets including:

  • Energy & Mining
  • Trunking & Cellular Backhaul

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Bringing affordable high-performance broadband to the mass consumer market is a challenge because a simple-to-install, high-performance antennas capable of electronic beam steering is required at scale. But ALCAN’s use of a liquid crystal display production line to manufacture its phase shifters at a low cost will revolutionise the ability to provide broadband antennas to just about any consumer on Earth.  ALCAN’s low-cost phased array antennas will be capable of delivering 100+Mbps performance to consumers.

With significant new capacity soon coming online in LEO, MEO and GEO, ALCAN’s low cost phased array antenna will allow an explosion in consumer broadband uptake. ALCAN is well positioned to help -and benefit – from the growth of this market.

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