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Connecting customers in motion

Product Status: In Development

Land - Connected Vehicles

With ALCAN’s lightweight, low power flat panel antennas, the market for connected vehicles can finally be addressed at a large scale. Opportunities for land-based connectivity include:

  • Fleet-based logistic connectivity
  • Broadband internet and entertainment
  • M2M connectivity for vehicle maintenance
  • TV and Internet

Sea - Connected Vessels

ALCAN’s flat panel antennas are ideally suited to the needs of the maritime customer. With lower cost, auto acquiring capabilities, and no moving parts for extremely low maintenance requirements, the ALCAN liquid crystal phased array antenna can change the dynamics of the maritime market for always on connectivity in any application:

  • Cruise ships
  • Commercial vessels
  • Ferries
  • Leisure vessels

Aero - Connected Planes

With the lower cost of the antennas, auto-acquiring capabilities and extremely low maintenance requirements, the ALCAN system is a great fit for the aero market:

  • Commercial aviation
  • Private aviation
  • UAVs