Assembly Line Approach

With the revolutionary method for producing liquid crystal phased array antennas on a pre-existing assembly line, ALCAN’s systems are scalable and affordable

Assembly Line Approach
The ALCAN approach of using a liquid crystal assembly line, generally used to produce flat panel televisions at a large scale, means that the antennas can be produced very efficiently—at a much lower cost than traditional phased array antennas. The assembly line concept for flat panel antennas revolutionizes the industry, because the model results in very high flexibility with very low costs.

The use of liquid crystal technology brings many benefits to flat panel antennas. With the company’s innovative design, ALCAN is able to increase the capabilities and lower the power usage compared to other phased array antennas.

ALCAN has strategically partnered with leaders in the liquid crystal manufacturing space, and is able to produce these antennas at very low cost. What’s more, antenna sizes can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of each customer according to their specifications.

With the innovative method of producing our liquid crystal phased array panels on a TV liquid crystal production line, the costs are substantially lower than traditional phased array antennas (about 1/100th the cost), as well as other flat panel technology on the market today.

The result is a very high performance phased array antenna, but finally at an extremely affordable price.

With extremely low power consumption and the absence of any moving parts requiring maintenance and upkeep, the operating costs of the ALCAN antenna are very low as well.