Simple Installation, Low Maintenance

Install ALCAN antennas quickly, then the system is virtually maintenance-free.

Low Maintenance
ALCAN Systems’ antennas contains no moving parts, yet with a single unit is able to effortlessly track Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) systems. The result is consistent and worry-free operation, without the hassle of breakdowns or equipment failures.

With ALCAN’s software-based beam-steering attributes, satellite aiming is done automatically. The antenna auto-acquires the specified LEO, MEO or GEO satellite, and maintains contact with a single antenna.

Simple Installation
ALCAN’s lightweight flat panel antennas are made to be exceptionally simple to integrate in most situations. They are effortlessly mounted on cars, ships, or cellular towers—almost any space where there is a flat surface—with a single installer able to quickly complete integration. The antennas are also designed to work within existing installation parameters in the aero and rail markets, and usable on any MEO, LEO, GEO system.