Enterprise Markets

Enterprise-class connectivity made simple

Energy & Mining
With a much smaller footprint than a traditional terminal, the ALCAN satellite antenna is perfect for both land and sea-based energy and mining installations. And with a very low power requirement—potentially capable of being powered by solar alone—the scalable system easily enables needed connectivity to the most remote mining site or deep ocean offshore platform.

ALCAN has designed extremely simple to install smart antennas, able to quickly auto acquire the correct satellite, requiring minimal install and setup time.

Because the ALCAN antenna has no moving parts, maintenance costs are extremely low and requirements for repeated service visits are non-existent.

Trunking & Cellular Backhaul
For Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) needing to bring trunk connectivity to difficult-to-reach locations, ALCAN’s extremely low maintenance and easy-to-install antennas are an ideal solution. ALCAN enables substantial throughputs from any HTS system, whether in a GEO, MEO or LEO orbit.

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) have long held the promise of allowing operators to expand the footprint of service to parts of their networks too rural to connect with fibre. But antenna technology, with large dish sizes, high power consumption and high cost, made it difficult, particularly with cellular backhaul.

ALCAN has solved the issue, providing inexpensive yet highly capable antennas that can easily be mounted to existing or newly erected cellular towers. ALCAN’s antennas enable 3G and 4G services, and are also capable of extending 5G service over satellite when it is delivered to the market for a true future-proof solution for network operators.

With an exceptionally small footprint, low power consumption (potentially capable of being powered by solar), and no moving parts for extremely low maintenance, installing a high throughput receiver on a cell tower has never made more sense for an operator. And with the antennas designed for extremely simple installation, ALCAN finally helps mobile operators close the business case to extend service to new areas.

Mission-critical Enterprise

Business continuity: ALCAN’s flat panel antennas, with no moving parts—and therefore very low maintenance—low power requirements and highly capable design are built to suit the needs of enterprises needing to ensure mission-critical connectivity is never interrupted.

Disaster recovery: The ALCAN antenna is lightweight, has no moving parts, is easy to install, uses low power and is extremely affordable… all of the attributes needed for the ideal disaster recovery antenna.