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Is it too soon to talk about 6G?

The short answer is no. Although 5G is in still evolving there is certainly a place in the industry to start exploring what comes next. The aim of the game when it comes to 6G will be to use higher … Read More

Satellite Broadband: The proof will be in the pricing

Following a flurry of deals and announcements in the space, the potential of satellite broadband is at the forefront of many industry conversations. As interest spikes, ALCAN Systems CEO Onur Karabey gives his take on why cost will prove to … Read More

Solving 5G challenges with invisible infrastructure

In 2019, Gartner put 5G at the absolute peak of its ‘Hype Cycle’ for emerging technologies. When it comes to the telecoms industry delivering on 5G, it is not unreasonable to say that we are still in the hype stage. … Read More

ALCAN in the media: A bright outlook for mmWave 5G

2020 has seen a shift in the industry’s approach to mmWave 5G. A growing interest in using high-band frequencies for next generation deployments has seen the attitude move from ‘mmWave is too problematic for 5G’ to ‘mmWave is absolutely necessary … Read More