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ALCAN is the smart antenna company focusing on developing a new class of low-cost smart antenna system that represents a technological breakthrough in satellite and cellular communication. Smart antennas which are ultra-thin, flat and able to adjust its beam electronically without any moving parts, will allow them to be mounted inconspicuously on moving vehicles (cars, trains, airplanes, ships etc.) to track all satellites (GEO, MEO & LEO) as well as 5G cellular networks.


Dr. Onur H. Karabey is a Co-Founder & the CEO/CTO of ALCAN Systems

Dr. Onur H. Karabey

Co-Founder & CEO / CTO
• 10 years of experience as microwave Engineer • Ph.D. (TU Darmstadt) recognized as Outstanding Research and received 5 awards, focus on liquid crystal based smart antennas • Inventor of 2 patents
Dr. A. Burak Olcen, Co-Founder & CPO of ALCAN Systems

Dr. A. Burak Olcen

Co-Founder & CPO
• 15 years of experience as RF Eng. (US), 12 US patents • Ph.D. (Syracuse University) on Electromagnetics and Antenna Design • Entrepreneur: Co-founder of 2 start-ups, working on smart systems
Esat M. Sibay, Co-Founder & CFO of ALCAN Systems

Esat M. Sibay

Co-Founder & CFO
• 20+ years of experience in finance and strategic consulting (HSBC, Citigroup, Accenture) • Managing Director at Corvus-Advisors (UK) • M.Sc. Finance from London Business School; B.Sc. Industrial Engineering Bosphorous University
Prof. Dr. Rolf Jakoby, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor for ALCAN Systems

Prof. Dr. Rolf Jakoby

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor
• Full Professor at Technische Universitat Darmstadt and Director of IMP Microwave Technologies Group • Leading and defining the worldwide Microwave liquid crystal research • 15 Ph.Ds, 15 Projects, 4 Patents and 15 Awards on Microwave liquid crystal field


ALCAN Systems is backed by leading companies in liquid crystal and satellite technology.



Prof. Dr. Thomas Weiland

Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Rolf Jakoby

Member of the Board

Dr. Claus Schmidt

Member of the Board

Stewart Sanders

Member of the Board

Henry Wang

Member of the Board