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The Smart Antenna Company

ALCAN Systems is developing a new class of innovative smart antennas—ultra thin flat panel technology, very low power usage, and able to adjust its beam electronically without any moving parts—at an extremely affordable price.

The result is a high-performance, future-proof data connectivity solution for any location. With the groundbreaking method of using liquid crystal display assembly line for production, the ALCAN Systems flat panel antenna represents a technology breakthrough in satellite and cellular communications.

ALCAN smart antennas are designed to meet the needs of a range of markets including maritime, aero, land mobility, consumer broadband, and enterprise. ALCAN’s systems are compatible with satellites in any orbital altitude (LEO, MEO and GEO) and can support Ka and Ku band frequencies.

The low profile, low power, low cost nature of the ALCAN antennas also makes them ideally suited for cellular backhaul, easily placed on top of cell towers for expanded 3G and 4G coverage, and ultimately 5G services as well.

Furthermore, ALCAN’s antennas will provide critical Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for 5G, as the mmWave signal from the cell-towers need to be transferred into buildings.


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Dr. Onur H. Karabey,  Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Karabey leads ALCAN as CEO.  Dr. Karabey developed the original technology that underpins ALCAN’s smart antenna while doing his PhD at TU Darmstadt.  With over 10 years of experience as a microwave engineer, most of those focused on liquid crystal based smart antennas, Dr. Karabey brings a wealth of applicable real-world experience to the ALCAN leadership team. He holds a Ph.D. from TU Darmstadt, where he was recognized as Outstanding Researcher. Dr. Karabey also has received 5 awards, including Ideenwettbewerb New Idea Competition in 2011,  the Springer Thesis – the “best of the best” award in 2013, VDE‐ITG Literature Prize, the Leopold B. Felsen Award for Excellence in Electromagnetics, and 3rd place in the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC).

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Dr. A. Burak Olcen, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Olcen is CPO of ALCAN and leads ALCAN’s product development team.  As CPO, he is responsible for developing and bringing to market ALCAN’s ground-breaking antennas for different product market segments and verticals.  Dr. Olcen has 15 years of experience as an RF Engineer in the US, where he worked for many years as a Product Development and Management Engineer. He has a Ph.D. on Electromagnetics and Antenna Design from Syracuse University.  Dr. Olcen is also a serial entrepreneur, and has co-founded 2 start-ups working on smart systems. He also holds 12 US patents.

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Esat M. Sibay, Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

Mr. Sibay is CFO and COO of ALCAN and is responsible for financial management, business development, legal and administration. Having more than 20 years of experience in finance and strategic consulting  with companies such as HSBC, Citigroup and Accenture, Mr. Sibay brings a great deal of financial and business experience to ALCAN. Mr. Sibay holds an M.Sc. in Finance from London Business School, a Diploma in Economics form the London School of Economics and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Bosphorous University.


Dr. Ahmed H. Akgiray, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Akgiray is CTO of ALCAN and leads ALCAN’s R&D team. As CTO he is responsible for the continued development of ALCAN’s core antenna technology into new areas. Dr. Akgiray has more than 10 years of RF engineering experience, with a particular focus on microwave circuits and systems, RF IC’s, Ka Band antenna design. Dr. Akgiray previously worked for NASA’s JPL where he among other achievements, was responsible for the design of the radar module for the Mars Rover. Dr. Akgiray studied Electrical Engineering at Cornell University and has a PhD in RF Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.


Christian Fleischhauer,CFA, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Fleischhauer is CFO of ALCAN and is responsible for financial management, business development, legal and administration. Having more than 15 years of experience in asset management, financial modeling and M&A for private equity firms, Mr. Fleischhauer brings a great deal of financial and business experience to ALCAN. He is the managing director & co-owner of Media Broadcast Satellite GmbH (MBS) since 2015. Mr. Fleischhauer is a CFA charterholder and has a diploma in business law from Brunswick European Law School.


ALCAN Systems is backed by global companies which are leaders in their field


Merck is the world’s largest liquid crystal producer, providing ALCAN critical expertise in RF Liquid Crystals and giving ALCAN an innovative edge for building the world’s best smart flat panel antennas.


SES is the World’s largest satellite operator, and currently the only operator with a commercial Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation.


As the investment arm of the world’s largest liquid crystal display manufacturer, SPC provides ALCAN with a robust capability to manufacture its products efficiently and at low cost.


CSS is an investment company focused on technology investments and venture capital. It is managed by Prof. Weiland, who is also the Chairman of ALCAN’s Supervisory Board.

Board Members

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Weiland
Chairman of the Board
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Prof. Dr. Rolf Jakoby
Member of the Board / Co-Founder
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Dr. Claus Schmidt
Member of the Board
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Stewart Sanders
Member of the Board
Henry Wang
Member of the Board

Senior Advisory Board

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Esat M. Sibay, Co-Founder, Financial Senior Advisor

As one of ALCAN’s co-founders, Esat Sibay has played an essential role in the company’s development and Series A fundraising. Currently, he is working with the management team to provide strategic advice on financial, business development, legal and administrative matters. With more than 20 years’ experience in finance and strategic consulting, working with major companies including HSBC, Citigroup and Accenture, he brings a wealth of financial and business expertise to ALCAN. He also holds an M.Sc. in Finance from London Business School, a Diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Bosporus University.

Detlef Schulz, Strategic Senior Advisor

Detlef Schulz is guiding ALCAN’s business development strategy for the satellite market. He has more than 35 years of industry experience; holding a variety of senior positions at SES, the world’s largest satellite provider. He has extensive experience in conducting technical studies, concept engineering and defining technical outlines of end-to-end solutions for enhanced communications systems and advanced satellite systems. This allows him to develop business development strategies based on deep industry insight. He graduated from Ostfalia University in Electrical Engineering / Communications Engineering.

André Doll, Technical Senior Advisor

André Doll is the previous Chief Technology Officer for Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a subsidiary of Nokia. He works with ALCAN as a strategic consultant, advising on 5G product requirements, feasibility studies and providing market evaluation. He has more than 30 years of experience in wireless network technologies and was an active member of 5G standardization bodies (3GPP, ETSI, NGMN). He holds a diploma from the French Engineering School of Electricity SUPELEC and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a specialization in quantum optics, from the US Berkeley University.