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ALCAN is a fast-growing company working towards a future where every moving vehicle (cars, ships, trains, planes) has broadband connection by using ALCAN’s ground breaking liquid crystal based smart antennas. ALCAN’s patented technology enables ultra thin, lightweight flat panel antennas which can track satellites fully electronically without any moving parts. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to be a part of this exciting change and work towards developing these antennas to make a global impact by enabling communication easier for every human being. We have multiple full time positions open in Darmstadt, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey.  ALCAN offers a generous relocation package to cover the moving costs if the employee has to move to the city of one of ALCAN’s offices. For more details see below.

Company Perks

Competetive Salary

We offer you a competetive salary that is beyond the average salary at the job market.


We offer a voluntary employee stock option for long-standig ALCAN employees.

Flexible Schedule

You are able to flexibly schedule their working hours.

Relocation Package

We offer a generous relocation package to cover the moving costs if you have to move to the city of one of ALCAN's offices.

Work With Us

The following jobs are available.

ALCAN’s is in need of an individual with Antenna Engineering background for strenghtening it’s team for design, simulation and prototyping of planar antenna arrays.

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An RF/EM Test Engineer position is open, the individual will be involved with the entire RF team and will be performing various RF/EM test and measurement tasks for liquid crystals (LC) based phased array antennas and its related microwave components. Thus, the candidate needs to have solid technical understanding of RF/microwave circuits, a track record of measurements of RF hardware.

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The Manufacturing Engineer will be a member of international engineering team and will play a key role in product development and test setup development. As a member of the product development team, the Manufacturing Engineer will be responsible for mechanical design feasibilities and development of mechanical systems required for testing of RF/microwave components.

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The Senior Display Electronics Engineer will join to the Electronics team to apply electrical engineering knowledge and skills for designing and developing Antenna Control Unit (ACU) for ALCAN’s smart antenna. The ACU includes design, implementation and test of boards for various environmental sensors (including their calibration), intelligent voltage supply circuitry for tuning and embedded programming for different microcontroller architectures. In addition to ACU activities, the Electronics team supports or develops turnkey solutions (e.g. circuit boards) for controlling various test rigs utilized mainly for antenna measurements.

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As RF/Microwave Engineer at ALCAN Systems Türkiye, you will be responsible for designing and building the hardware that will bring broadband connection to every moving vehicle in the world. Working closely with our R&D teams in Germany and Turkey, you will have a key role in developing and realizing ALCAN’s groundbreaking, liquid-crystal-based, smart flat panel antennas.

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Darmstadt, Germany

To contact the office in Darmstadt, Germany please use this mail: career@alcansystems.com

Istanbul, Turkey

To contact the office in Istanbul, Turkey please use this mail: kariyer@alcansystems.com

Our Offices

Meet us at our offices in Darmstadt which is located in of the most active regions in Germany and Istanbul which is a connecting bridge between Europe and Asia.