ALCAN is a startup company working towards a future where every moving vehicle (cars, ships, trains, planes) has broadband connection by using ALCAN's ground breaking liquid crystal based smart antennas. ALCAN's patented technology enables ultra thin, lightweight flat panel antennas which can track satellites fully electronically without any moving parts. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to be a part of this exciting change and work towards developing these antennas to make a global impact by enabling communication easier for every human being. We have multiple full time positions open in Darmstadt, Germany.  ALCAN offers a generous relocation package to cover the moving costs if the employee is outside of the southern Frankfurt Rhein Main area. For more details see below.


ALCAN's R&D is looking for highly motivated communication systems engineer. For more information click here


ALCAN’s is in need of an individual with Antenna Engineering background for strenghtening it's team for design, simulation and ptorotyping of planar antenna arrays. For more information click here


A senior Electronics Engineer position is open in ALCAN's electronics team. The persons should have experience in embedded systems with electronics, firmware development, power supply and analogue cicruit design. For more information click here


ALCAN is looking for an individual in the capacity of RF system engineer who will be involved with the entire RF system of the antenna. A candidate with solid technical understanding of RF/microwave circuits, a track record of developing various kinds of RF hardware and ability to do systems analysis. For more information click here



ALCAN has an open position for Mechanical Engineer. The individual will be involve in an international engineering team to play a key role in product development and to establish testing environment. He will be responsible for all aspects of the product development e.g. 3D CAD modeling, thermal as well as structural analyzes and packaging etc. For more information click here



An RF/EM Test Engineer position is open, the individual will be involved with the entire RF team and will be performing various RF/EM test and measurement tasks for liquid crystals (LC) based phased array antennas and its related microwave components. Thus, the candidate needs to have solid technical understanding of RF/microwave circuits, a track record of measurements of RF hardware. For more information click here


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Gräfenhäuser Strasse 85, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany